Cosmetic Surgery Extremes: The Cat Lady, Barbie, Ken, and Queen Nefertiti

Baby Boomers flat out refuse to get old. As a group, we spend gazillions (yeah, I did zero research to get a real number, but c’mon, we spend like crazy) on stuff that we think will head off Father Time. Wrinkle creams, day creams, night creams, hair color, spot removers, age-defying make-up, age-defying moisturizers, teeth-whitening products, tattoos, Botox, Viagra, motorcycles, and little red convertibles.

None of that changes the fact that we Boomers aren’t kids anymore, but you have to give us credit for trying. We ain’t goin’ down without a fight. Middle-age? Bring it.

Those of us born between 1946 and 1961 (I made it in with just two days to spare) seem convinced that unlike every generation that came before us since, oh, I don’t know, cavefolks, we’ll be able to maintain a youthful appearance and possibly even our youthful vigor well into our Social Security years (yeah, like those of us born in 1961 will actually have Social Security years).

We zero out our 401Ks for liposuction, liposculpting, collagen injections, breast lifts, tummy tucks, microdermabrasion, and of course, good old-fashioned face lifts. We can have plumped up cheeks, pouty lips, and wrinkle-free foreheads if we choose to, and statistics show that many of us do. Even the guys.

A little nip & tuck is one thing, I guess, but some take it to an extreme. Like anything else, cosmetic surgeries can become an addiction, and a few cases have been pretty high-profile. Celebs find before and after shots of their mugs (and parts south) plastered all over both the supermarket rags as well as more ‘respectable’ publications, but most of them seem to choose pretty standard procedures and rarely go too nuts with it. A few notable exceptions—Joan Rivers and several members of the Jackson family come to mind—go overboard, but typically, celebrity surgeries result in smoother faces, flatter tummies, and bigger boobs.

Some cosmetic surgery fans become well-known not for their acting, singing, or interviewing skills, but because they've surgically transformed themselves so dramatically that their own mothers might not recognize them.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, sometimes called the Cat Lady, has undergone procedure after procedure through the years, until her typical (and already attractive) human features truly do resemble those of a feline.

Sarah Burge, a resident of the UK, holds the current record for money spent on cosmetic surgeries. In her effort to look like Barbie, she had spent upwards of £539,500 (that's heading toward a million bucks) as of last fall. You can see her and her family in the following YouTube video (let's just say they aren't the Cleavers...or even the Osbournes):

Here in the U.S., we have our own Barbie wannabe. Cindy Jackson (what is it about that last name?) has subjected herself to numerous procedures in order to resemble the Mattel icon, and even has her own website offering advice on all sorts of cosmetic surgical procedures. I have to admit, her pics look great, but I have to wonder if she might have been nipped, tucked, and Photoshopped.

After seeing Jackson on a talk show, Tim Whitfield-Lynn, a guy in his mid-thirties who described himself as “…stuck in front of my computer, bored out of my brains, looking old before my time because of my fast living,” did what any sensible person would do. He decided to become Ken. A line list of surgeries and one pair of bright blue contact lenses later, Tim legally changed his name and became Miles Kendall. "Miles, because I look miles better, and Kendall, for Ken-doll,” he says.

Um, okay.

Miles and Cindy currently represent the Plastic Surgery Referral Network.

Finally, we have Nileen Namita, who has underfone 51 cosmetic surgeries over the last twenty years in an effort to look like Queen Nefertiti. At an estimated $250,000 spent, I’d say that she was the victim of a royal rip-off.

So how about you? Would you choose cosmetic surgery to improve your looks, maintain the beauty of your youth, or transform yourself completely?


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  1. OMG! That is crazy! I can understand a little procedure to make yourself look normal, but it sounds like these people are addicted to surgery.

  2. I think these doctors who make people look like cats or ghouls or space aliens should lose their licenses, period! It's one thing to help people look better. It's something else entirely to make them look non-human!!

  3. Just no. What cha see is what cha get. But I'm okay with others fixin' up the old mug.

  4. Ugh! It blows me away that people spend so much money on this - esp when it turns out so horribly and there is no going back!

  5. Two words: FUCK NO!

    (And, BTW, according to all the articles I just read - now there is a chunk of time I won't get back - Cindy Jackson is from the UK, not the US.)

    Man. That was like watching a train wreck, and about as gruesome. So sad. Most of them looked better before.

  6. Why Beth, do I need to? Is this a big hint? What are you getting at?

  7. Oh hell...I'd do it. Not to this extreme, but I admit, I am hating the puppet mouth I so loving inherited from my fathers side of the family. I may have more restraint in my thinking if I could actually afford to have my turkey neck tightened, but its fun to sit at your make up mirror, pull the skin up and back a little and see the person you feel like on the inside...I'm jus' sayin'!

  8. Mac Daddy thinks Cindy Jackson don't look half bad. :P

    But, since Lillyth opened the door for my foul mouth, damn! I prefer the more natural look personally. Implants, botox, face lifts, and all the other 'beautifying' scalpel remedies turn me off, if they're noticeable.

    Although I have looked into thinning my hair and receding it further back. :P

  9. Damn. Had a good comment written and then it got lost. Sigh. And I haven't even had coffee yet.

    Just saying that I won't be going for surgery anytime soon. If it sags, it sags and I'm proud of it as I lived many years to get it like that. LOL!

    It's no wonder young people get low self esteem with role models like these weirdos to look up to. It's like they're saying that what nature gave us isn't good enough.

    I like nice hair, makeup and clothes and a positive smile to look good and I'll leave it at that.

  10. @Diana: Weird, right? I just hope that when they look in the mirror, they are happy with what they see.

    @SJerZGirl: I don't have a problem with doctors doing procedures that have what I would consider freakish results. Beauty is such an individual thing, so even if someone wants to look like a cat or a Martian, I'm fine with that. I have to wonder, though, when the docs consult with patients--especially those who have had multiple procedures and are constantly wanting more--how they get themselves to cross the ethical line. Money, sure, but in some of these cases, it can't be for the press they'd get, because most people look at extreme cases as a negative, rather than thinking, "Wow! Look at the transformation! That must be one really talented surgeon!"

    @Jo: Yeah, me too.

    @Vanilla Mama: Exactly! I doubt that some of what has been done could even be fixed.

    @Lillyth: Amen!

    You're right, Cindy Jackson is a Brit now, but she was raised in Ohio. She moved to London ages ago, as a young adult.

    @Mike: Nah, you're real pretty already. :O)

    @Cyndi: It really is weird to look in the mirror and see my mom. I'm a bit of a surgery-phobe, though, so even if I ever get really fed up with the wrinkles and sagging stuff, I doubt that I'd ever go the surgical route.

    I have told my family, though, that if I'm ever in need of an emergency abdominal surgery, they should tell the doc to hack off that belly flab while he's rooting around in my gut. They don't need to call in a plastics guy--just whatever chub the regular surgeon can get is dandy with me. Ugly scar? That's okay. At least I'd look better in clothes. ;O)

    @Jay: LOL!!!!!!!!

    @Cathy: I agree completely. I'd like less forehead, less chin, less belly (!), and I wouldn't mind being 4 inches taller. But I am what I am, so it'll have to do.

  11. Absolutely great post!

    As an esthetician, in the beauty business for the last twenty-seven years, I can safely say - nothing surprises me anymore.

    It amazes me what people, but women in particular, will do in the name of beauty. Shocking, isn't it?

    Great site as well - I've added myself as a follower and I'll be back!

    Cheers, Jenny

  12. @Jenny: Oh, the stories you must have! :O)

    Thanks for reading, commenting, and following!

  13. NO FREAKING WAY! I wouldn't do it even if they offered ME money! I prefer to do things the old fashioned way, exercise, eat healthy as often as I can and not bake in the sun...and whatever happens beyond my control is just the natural process. Whether I'm pretty or not, I prefer to look like me. The only cosmetic surgery that I would go for would be for my teeth and that's it. These people need mental therapy and less negative people in their life, not cosmetic surgery.

  14. @DWV: You're super-sensible and always willing to do what it takes to get what you want/need. I've considered Lumineers to get rid of the space between my two front teeth, but they are pricey. They are supposed to be pretty painless and they don't damage the teeth underneath, though, neither of which can be said for any other method.

  15. Add another NO vote. My gray hairs are increasing in number, the crows feet around my eyes are getting more noticeable, and I need to lose more weight than I care to put in type. Even if I won the lottery I wouldn't spend a penny on any of these procedures. While it's not for me, I don't judge those who do it.

  16. @Laurie: My sentiments exactly.

  17. some of them look better most of them look like crap but if they have the money and can take the pain.. really whose buisness is it but their own..

  18. @Sioux: Live & let live...good outlook! :O)

  19. I am amazed by this procedure. I cannot believe that people will spend this much on vanity. Then again, Hollywood spend Millions of Dollars in vanity.

    cosmetic surgery perth

  20. @J.Richmore: The world has become a rather vain place. We all want to feel good about ourselves and everyone has a rigt to persue happiness. I just hope that those who undergo surgery get what they hope for.

  21. Cosmetic surgery is best way to improve looks and body if do in limit but some of the reference that you put on this post go in exceed that make them look like crap of plastic. So if you bad looks and any issue with your body then its wise to go for plastic surgery else avoid it


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