Dude, Where’s My Cow?

As some of you know, my hubby and I are planning our escape from the city. We’ve lived near supposed civilization for too long and are ready to trade city conveniences for country comforts.

In our perfect, life-doesn’t-get-much-better-than-this ideal, we would like for our kids and grandkids to become country bumpkins with us, but we’re going to have to settle for a partial granting of that particular dream. Our daughter and son-in-law are happily dreaming with us of wide open spaces, porch swing evenings, and a simpler place to raise their two (brilliant and beautiful) little ones. They are absolutely on board.

Our son and daughter-in-law, though, have no desire to look out their back door and see a big red barn, so leaving would mean seeing them and their (brilliant and beautiful) son less often. That’s the hard part.

We’ve been spoiled; our kids and grandkids live within walking distance of our house, so we get to see them most every day. We pop in, they pop in. We sit in the stands and cheer for our grandson as he swings the bat at his tee-ball games, we hang with him when his parents go somewhere that isn’t kid-friendly, and we’ve been a part of his everyday life for all of his life.

The thought of not having that makes my heart ache.

But our daughter and her family want this country life as much as we do, and I think that at some point, they are destined to leave the city. So no matter what, our idyllic close-to-everybody existence would probably not last forever, even if we were to stay put.

We’ve repeated the mantra: Red barn. Black & white cow. Room to roam. And one of these days in the not-too-distant future, we’ll have all of that.

I can’t wait.


  1. fun, good for you. Right now I have 3 teens still at home (and an almost teen)....life will change eventually...one of my daughters is bound and determined to travel the world as a photographer....but I am still in denial, I like them all crammed under one roof. :)

  2. As I was reading this, I was happy for you and hoping that you will eventually get your barn and cow. I grew up in the city....in the inner city, actually and while I don't miss THAT aspect of city life, I do miss living amidst the hustle and bustle. We live in a small town because it's good for the kids...but I constantly dream of the day where I will live someplace where the shops don't close by 9 pm :)

  3. Bethie, i went through the same thing when I packed up and left Hollywood for the wilds of Montana. - It was tough and the emotional roller-coaster was insane....

  4. oh, and btw, I dont regret for a minute moving to the wilderness. with the internet and webcams and everything else out there I see my kids and grand children regularly..my webbie cam is a nanna's bestest friend... *smiles*

  5. Like Stephtee, I was raised in the city, Flint Michigan. Some of you may have heard of it! As soon as I got out of the Navy we headed out of town. Actually we moved to the next county. We live in a small town of about 3,000 souls. I don't miss the city at all.

    However as soon as my two youngest kids got old enough they headed for Detroit. My oldest stayed in town and after I lost my wife they moved in with me.

    My point is raising kids in the country only gets 2/3 of the kids wanting the "Big City Lights"!

  6. To each his own, I always say! I am a city girl at heart, love the lights, the noise, the businesses and all the people. I don't live in a city and never have, just always wanted to! I live 2 miles outside a little city on 3 acres of grass in a small house. It's nice here, but sometimes just too quiet and way too much work.
    Country living ain't for sissies!

  7. You're lucky to have your kids and grand kids so close. We don't have grandkids yet, Thank God, but all of our kids have chosen to go to far away colleges. Our oldest graduated from Charleston and stayed there. :(


  8. My hearts wish is that YOUR hearts wish be granted. Hopefully I can give you some helpful tips by the time you guys make that move. Like gardening...moving cows...watching cows...how to cook a rooster (JUST KIDDING..maybe!). Dream and believe kiddo...wishes do come true.

  9. Beth...NC may be too far for you to roam, but I have a farm for sale! It's priced to sell too! Go to my FB page and look at the "Farm for Sale Album...if you moved there, you'd only be 20 mins away from me and Langley is only a couple of hours away so you would already know people!!

  10. @Sylvie: Three teens and a tween! You rock!

    @Stephanie: When our daughter was a baby, we moved to Hicksville, Wisconsin and I have to say that I wasn't a fan. We kind of had the worst of both worlds, though--we lived outside of town, but in a little subdivision, so we didn't have the conveniences and opportunities that the city offers, yet we didn't really get that middle-of-nowhere appeal of rural life, either. This time around, I want some acreage--preferably wooded.

    @ML: I'm hoping to stay within a day's drive of where we are now so that we can still see our son and his family pretty regularly. I'm sure that Skype or something similar will factor in, though! :O)

    @Gary: I guess we have to let them breathe, 'eh?

    @Jo: I've lived outside of a small town, but this time around, I want to live waaaay outside of town (or at least secluded enough so that it feels that way!). I guess we all want a little of what we don't have...my cousin went from living all of her life in an itty-bitty town to going more urban after her hubby retired, and is thriving. I've had enough hustle and bustle and crave a whole lot of quiet.

    Do you think you'll ever move to a city?

    @Joyce: We really have been lucky. The son of a guy my hubby works with went to school in Japan and decided to stay there--I can't even imagine!

    @Tai: Thank you! I do believe...and I don't think it will be terribly long before we've got cows for neighbors. ;O)

    @Cyndi: LOL! I actually did go and peek through the pics (nice!), but NC is a little further than I want to go. I mapped the area where your place is, though, and I also have another friend who would be less than two hours away...

  11. It's to live away from the grandkids. Ours are here in VA and we're up in RI . It's about a six hour drive. Now grandkid #3 is on the way. You're lucky your daughter and family can make the move with you. Enjoy although A
    as a die hard city girl I just hope you get electricity and indoor plumbing, lol

  12. @Pam: Holy crap! Can you see me roughing it, Little House on the Prairie style?!?! I'm even anti-camping, so while I want to live rural, I'm gonna need at least basic modern conveniences (and a really great internet connection). :O)

  13. I'm excited for your move! I'm sure your family will find a way to make the distance shorter. Perhaps Skype. :-)

  14. @Jean: Thank you! Yep, I think Skype is a definite yes, and we're trying to stay within a reasonable day drive away from where we are now, so while we won't have what we have now, we'll still be able to be involved in their lives.

  15. I hope you tell us about it as soon as you achieve it. It's a great dream to have!

  16. @SJerZGirl: We're hoping to relocate within the next few years, and you can bet that when the time comes, I'll be blogging all about it! :O)

  17. I know exactly what you mean...



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