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Sunday, May 22, 2011

GBE 2: Blog On Week #1 Topic: EXPECTATIONS

Okay, it’s finally here! We’re ready for your first GBE 2 topic. I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas morning!

The guidelines are simple. Interpret the week’s topic any way you want and blog about it in any way you see fit. Once you’ve posted to wherever you normally blog, drop a link to the linky tool on this post.

That’s it! Easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy!

So, are you all set? Me too!

You have until Saturday (5-28-11) to post this week’s blog and leave your link…

This week’s topic is EXPECTATIONS.

Ready. Set. Blog!

Happy blogging!


Jenn said...

Once again, thanks for hosting GBE2...I'm enjoying this so much. I'm really like that kid in the candy store :D Blog ON!!

barbkaus said...

Looking forward to this. ~Barbara K~

Word Nerd said...

@Jenn & Barbara: I'm SO glad that you guys signed on! :O)

Jay said...

Thank you very much for hosting the next GBE, Beth. Much appreciated!!

Word Nerd said...

@Jay: It's going really well! I'm pumped! :O)

Sarah McCabe said...

What is GBE? Can anyone do it?

Word Nerd said...

@Sarah: GBE stands for Group Blogging Experience and yes, all are welcome to join in. If you're on facebook, search GBE and request to be added to the group--I'll approve you right away.

If you're not, you can check my blog every Sunday evening, as I will be posting the topics here, too. The group on fb is pretty big--124 and constantly growing--so if you are able to join up there, You'll probably do better as far as gaining readership. I have a weekly thread on the group's page with the topic and members just leave the url to their blogs as a comment on that post so that other members can click, read, and comment.

Some members are also leaving their links here (I'll have a new post each week with that week's topic), so if you want to join in, you can go the fb page, check in here, or both. :O)

Eccentricity said...

Thank you for doing this and I put my link in with the tool--I don't see it yet, but I'll look later and also start reading. ;-)

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