Heather is a Very Kind and Patient Woman

Thank you Heather for the snazzy award (and sorry it took me forever to pay it forward!).

Here are the rules:
  1. Winners- Put the above image in your blog.
  2. Include a link back to the person who gave it to you.
  3. Tell 10 things about yourself.
  4. Award 15 other bloggers.
  5. Contact the bloggers you awarded and let them know they won.

10 things about me:
  1. Despite how long it took me to do this post, I’m not usually a procrastinator.
  2. I didn’t win the lottery last night.
  3. I think that nudists may get their start simply because they are tired of doing laundry.
  4. In case you were wondering, I did not put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp.
  5. I didn’t take the cookie from the cookie jar, either (well, okay, that might have been me).
  6. Camping sounds to me like a punishment for one’s sins.
  7. If there was such a thing as a cheeseburger-eating vegetarian, I’d sign right up and buy the tee-shirt.
  8. I’m wondering if the really cute wicker basket I bought for my bike will encourage me to actually ride the thing.
  9. I’m guessing that the answer to the above is no, because my really cute jogging shoes haven’t hit the treadmill any more often than my older, uglier ones did.
  10. I’m rethinking almost everything, but coming up with a lot of the same answers.

Fifteen Featured Bloggers: I’m choosing folks who are participating in the GBE 2, because with a new topic each week, GBE’ers are nothing if not versatile!
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  4. Lillyth ~ Fairly Rabid
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  9. Jennibean’s Journey
  10. Cat Muses
  11. Enjoy the Small Stuff
  12. Peacegirl Place
  13. The Musings of Justin Kogneeto
  14. Just One Voice
  15. Peace Artist Lainey

Oh, man! Was that fifteen already?! But I’m not nearly done! Oh well, you guys each get to pass it along to fifteen more bloggers…


  1. The Camping joke had me laughing!
    Thank you for the award but I only have two blogs up so far and I don't think I know 15 current bloggers.

  2. I think camping sounds like punishment too!!!

  3. But did you, by any chance, write the Book of Love?

  4. Oh cool!! An award!! YAY! Thank you!! I'll have to work on this but might take me some time :) I am greatly appreciative!!

  5. @DWV: Don't worry about the paying it forward part. Anyway, give it a few weeks and you'll know 115 bloggers...

    @Stephanie: People actually sleep in tents on purpose! What the hell is wrng with them?!?!

    @Sarah: Why no, I didn't. I do, however, know that Chapter One says you love her; you love her with all your heart. :O)

    @Jenn: Take all the time you need. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how long it took me.

  6. Very Cool. I loved doing these on the old GBE. I will think about it and get posted.

  7. It might have been me that took the cookie! lol! This is really kool and thank you for the mention! :-)

    As of now I dont know fifteen bloggers...but looking forward to getting to meet some! When I do, I will be happy to pay this forward :-)

  8. @justonevoice: Great! :O)

    @Nicole: My cookie was oatmeal raisin. How 'bout yours? ;O)

  9. I'm not sure I know fifteen bloggers either but feel very honoured to be picked as part of the group. What fun!

    Love your list of ten things about you. Cute! I hear you about camping. I did so much of it as a kid that I let the guys go off by themselves on "Guys only" camping trips while I enjoy the peace and quiet.

  10. Hahaha to numbers eight and nine. May I suggest, if you have a dog, take it for walks.

    Thank you for the award, Beth! I'll have to procrastinate on paying this forward, until I get better acquainted with the GBEers.

  11. @Cathy: Smart woman you are--sending all the men off and staying back! :O)

  12. I always thought camping was staying in 3 star hotel.
    It's worse?

  13. Ahhh but you have never camped with me. I could show you a camping trip you would never forget...I once spent a week in the woods with just a 24 hour pack. Nothing like sleeping under the stars with just your pack for a pillow. (ok, its been a long time since I've done that and now I use a blow up mattress with a battery operated air pump...but its still camping!)

  14. @Pam: I've heard that it's that thing where people sleep outside! On the freaking ground! And the craziest thing of all--on purpose!

    @Cyndi: I've only ever been camping once, but that was more than enough. Well, I have pitched tents in our backyard and 'camped' out with our kids and now our grandkids. We order pizza to be delivered to the tent, which the kids get a huge kick out of, but all of the comforts of home are literally 20 steps away. ;O)

  15. Oh no! Camping is not punishment when done the right way : ) Y'all need to come with me up to Devil's Lake Wisconsin. We camp in style : )
    Thank you for the award, love. I will have to have you teach me how to insert the pictures at a later time.
    We are getting ready for a camping trip ( we will be in a cabin this time), so I will mess with it when we get back in a week. I will then have my 15 people picked as well.
    I am hand writing a note to keep next to my computer so I do not forget : )
    Thanks again!

  16. I like your "camping" style : ) Pizza to the tent, that is great!

  17. @Chris: Campers always think they could convert non-campers. Not true, at least in my case. Room service, please... ;O)


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