Quelling our Emotions

I was born old. I was a serious kid who carried a lot of stuff, some of it genuine byproducts of my real life, but most just an innate sense that I was more a short adult than a child.

I remember looking at my niece, who was bubbly and excitable, as though she was rather ridiculous. She was all of one year younger than me.

I’m not sure why it is that some people are likely to spill their every emotion, while others internalize most things and emit little more than sanitized versions for public display. Nature? Nurture? A combo-platter would be my best guess.

I’ve eased up and am far more likely now to express childlike exuberance than I was as an actual kid. I’m still not one to pour it all out there, but that’s more of a politeness thing than a bottled-up one. Not everyone wants or needs to be subjected to someone else’s every mood or passing thought—unless they are on Facebook, where it seems normal to update friends on the tiniest realizations and most meager of accomplishments and/or irritations.

How about you? Do you suppress your emotions or let them run wild and free?


  1. I've always been the type to let my emotions out. I find it hard to repress them and never liked the workplace for that where I had to suppress them to look professional. I feel things strongly and can't help but show it. I think that's healthier than keeping it bottled up inside. Maybe inappropriate at times, especially in the workplace, but I don't care. I am who I am.

  2. It depends on who I am with. If I'm with one particular friend who is very bottled-up, then I know she won't appreciate me pouring things out, so I don't. However, with another friend who is far more open, then I tend to react in the same way. Not always though, as there are some thoughts/feelings I want to keep to myself. Not necessarily bottled up, just private.

  3. I am very open about a lot of things, sometimes to the point of giving too much information. However, when something is bothering me, I internalize it and tend to pretend nothing is wrong until I can figure out how to deal with that emotion.

  4. I used to keep feelings and emotions inside but in my old age it's important that the people important to me know how I feel. BTW, have I told you lately that Pops loves you?

  5. You are doing up to date. I am still behind....

  6. @Cathy: I'm sure that yours is a healthy attitude!

    @Paula: I'm like you in this. I share a lot with some people, others not so much. There isn't much that I won't share at all, but it matters a great deal who.

    @KBalbify: I understand. I absolutely need to work some stuff out myself before I'm ready to share it with anyone, too. Mostly, I'm an open book, but I don't always need to specifically verbalize stuff--I think I'm pretty easy to read.

    @Gary: Love you, too!

    @Bindu: So far, so good. Last week, I was sure that I wasn't going to keep up, but it's been working out. You'll catch up, I'm sure! :O)

  7. I tend to suppress my emotions. The only person I don't really do that with is my husband. I guess I've been burned too many times in the past when trying to share.

  8. Well I'm rather laid-back when it comes to...Hey! whadda you mean by such a question...Then again I seem to be able to control my emotions qui...I know whatcha up to!. You want me to unload on you and look like a jackass... I believe that kindness is the oil of life. It makes
    our lives... Well, if I were you, lady, I would watch my tongue and...
    Oh! I love the month of May, the flowers...the...showers. No, jackwagon, that's April showers. April remember! Oh, pardon me. Where was I...

  9. I recall always choosing to sit with the adults rather than kids my own age. I felt like I had more to learn from them and now I kind of feel like I can learn more from the little people. I was super serious and quiet as a child and a lot of people didn't know how to take that.

  10. Interesting post. I have found the same to be true in my life. As a child people were always telling me that I was an old soul in a little body. While I still tend to be serious sometimes, I am much more likely to let my playful side loose than even five years ago.

  11. When Blogger went down a few days ago, all of the comments that were on this post disappeared. Poof! I'm glad to see you guys...maybe that means that Blogger has gotten its sh*t together. ;O)

    @CS: LOL!!! Your comment made my day! :OD

    @DWV: You and I are too much alike. Be afraid. Be very afraid... ;O)

    @Pixiebaby: I think there's something about growing up--really growing up--that makes us realize that life's too short to miss out on the fun. :O)


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