A to Z and Back: After the Challenges

In April, I blogged my way from A to Z. By the 30th, I breathed a big sigh of relief. Then in May, some of the (crazier) April bloggers, headed by Marie Anne, thought it would be nice to keep up the momentum by blogging our way back from Z to A. Being certifiable myself, I of course thought that this was a great idea.

Some topics came easily, but others, not so much. I mean really, Q and X don’t actually conjure oodles of images. But I made it; 26 posts in April followed by—counting this one—26 posts in May. Well actually, May had a few more because in addition to the Z-A in May blogs, I’ve resurrected a blogging group that was born a number of years ago on MySpace. The original GBE has morphed into GBE 2 and now has its home on Facebook.

I’m thrilled to see many of the original GBE bloggers there, and the revamped group also includes some very talented new blood, which is terrific. It’s a just-for-fun weekly adventure in blogging, based on a very simple concept. Once a week (On Sunday evenings) I announce the week’s topic. The GBE 2 bloggers then write blogs that relate in some way to the week’s theme, post their blogs wherever they normally blog, and then leave a link to their post on one long weekly topic thread on the group’s page. Everyone has until the Saturday night after the week’s announcement to blog & post.

We’re only on week two and already, many really wonderful bloggers have been strutting their writing stuff. And they’ve done it incredibly well. :O)

I also post the weekly topic here on my blog, and bloggers can add their urls to a blog-hop linky thing (thanks, Marie Anne!), if they choose. The Facebook group is growing every day (132 active members of this writing!), so if you’d like to join in and are on Facebook, it’d be wise to join the group to get the most visibility for your blog.

I’d love to see even more bloggers join in on the fun. If you are interested, head over to GBE 2 Facebook page and request to be added to the group. This week’s topic is also posted here on the Word Nerd blog, for non-facebookers and others who’d simply prefer to blog the topic and connect using just the blog-hop.

So while the A to Z and Z to A fun might be done (for now, anyway), the blogging will definitely continue. Join us, won’t you?


  1. Congrats! We did it!


    I'm waiting to post my A because I want a little more exposure to my Israel post.

  2. I love the new GBE. Thanks for starting this again. I didn't realize how much I missed the old GBE until you brought it back. You Rock Bethie!!

  3. This sounds great! I sent a request on fb to join the group. :)

  4. I just want you to know how much I appreciate YOU. Hugs~

  5. @Ivankuiken: It's terrific, and the people involved are really wonderful!

    @Joyce: It's going great! I haven't been by yet to read your Israel post, but I will definitely make my way over!

    @Gary: I missed it, too. The finny thing is that I hadn't really given a lot of thought so starting anything, but one comment led to another and the next thing I knew, it seemed like the thing to do! :O)

    @Maggie: Yay! Glad to have you on board!

    @ML: Awww, thank you! ♥

  6. So you don't do it here, with a linky, you only do it on fb? Not sure I'm following you and what does GBE stand for

  7. Congrats on the endurance and the strong finish. You pepos remind me of the super-marathoners, the ones who go 50 or 100 miles because 26 just isn't far enough.

    Applauding. From back here in my lawn chair.

  8. @Sandy: I head up the fb group and that's where most bloggers are participating. I also post here each Sunday with the topic. Some of the fb group members post their links both at the group's main page and on my blog, giving their blogs maximum exposure, but some people post them in just one of the two places. I post my url on the fb group page and on the blog hop linky tool on my topic post here.

    Oh, and GBE stands for Group Blogging Experience. :O)

    @Beverly: Ha! I think these past two months may have gotten me just a wee bit addicted. I'm on the lookout for another challenge to keep me blog-happy.

  9. Congratulations on finishing the Z to A Challenge during this month. The April one was enough for me as far at matching up with each letter goes but I did continue to blog everyday this month while participating in a separate May challenge....which may likely be my last time doing so, but I'll discuss more on that tomorrow!

    I am so glad that you started the GBE-2 because it gives me something to do on days when I could use an extra boost of motivation.

    I am among those who do not use Facebook so I must visit your blog to keep up with GBE-2.

    The Madlab Post

  10. @Nicole: I'm glad that you're taking part! :O)

  11. It has been a joy to get to know you through this and I plan to jump in on GBE2 as well. My husband works for a company in the Chicago area. We used to go up there 4 - 5 times a year, but with the ol' economic downturn, he is doing most of his work online and by phone. I am sure that we will have to make a trip before too long though. I would love to meet you. (Is it cool to do that with your internet friends? I'm kinda new to this new type of social life!!)

  12. And yes we did! And GBE2 is also so much fun!

  13. @Cyndi: It'd be great to meet you! Lots of folks meet up with their online friends...I haven't yet, but I do have a list of folks who I'd love to meet. :O)

    @Claudia: The GBE 2 bloggers are such sweeties...and I'm so glad that you're enjoying it! :O)

  14. I may have taken on too much in May, but I did get through it, albeit late. Will be nice to not have the "have tos" in June, although I do want to maintain regularity on the food blog - just not alphabetically. *whew*

  15. @SJerZGirl: Yeah, it was a lot! :O)


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