Word Nerd…in Pieces

As if you don’t already have a zillion time-wasters vying for your attention online, I’d like to introduce to yet one more. Check this out!

Click the pic, please:
preview30 piece

Now how cool is that?!

If you’d like to make your own (or piece together one of the oodles of ready-made puzzles on the site), just visit Jigsaw Planet. I made this one a quickie (just 30 pieces) because I assumed that you wouldn't want to dedicate a bunch of your time to putting me back together, but you can create a jigsaw puzzle with anywhere from 4 to 200 pieces in just a few clicks. Upload a photo, choose how many pieces you’d like for it to be, name it, and poof! You can be in pieces, too.

Oh, one more thing. Though the only way I seemed to be able to embed the puzzle into the body of my post was to link it, I could (and will, just for kicks) put a code into the sidebar of my blog and have a playable puzzle right there. I wanted to have the playable version in this post itself, but either it's not possible or I'm not techno-savvy enough to figure out how to properly manipulate the code. Wanna guess which one applies? ;O)


  1. What a great fun idea. Thanks for that, will put the site to good use.

  2. I love puzzles. The Wii has a puzzle feature where you can plug in a memory card and have a photo become a puzzle. I have spent SO much time playing with these puzzles. I have even took a picture of a puzzle and put it together on there. (I'm a tad bit obsessive.)

    Z to A Challenge

  3. That is entirely too much fun. Just add it to my list of fun time wasters on the Internet!

  4. I used to visit that site regularly! Virtual jigsaw puzzles are so much tidier and more portable than traditional ones :)

  5. Very interesting and thanks for sharing. Also thanks for the follow! Enjoy your week/weekend!

  6. Very cool. Thanks for turning me on to that!

  7. The little "click" sound it makes is especially gratifying. I am such a dork. I love this stuff.

  8. @mood: If this keeps me off the hard stuff (Bejeweled Blitz and Zuma Blitz), it's a worthy distraction. ;O)

    @Mayzee: I had no idea the Wii could do that! I'll have to check that out. (I am not addicted. I could stop any time I want...) ;O)

    @Paula: Thanks!

    @Kyra: It is (I refuse to grow up...).

    @catchats: There are so many distractions, aren't there?

    @Cthings: Thank you! I hope you have a great week, too. :O)

    @Langley: I'm a deep well of useless information. ;O)

    @mm: Dorks of a feather, I guess. ;O)

  9. @Kyla: Sorry I missed you up there! Yeah, these puzzles are cool--and I don't accidentally drop any pieces on the floor for the dog to snarf up. ;O)

  10. @L.L.: It's just amazing how many cool things there are to do from our desk chairs. (I wonder why my clothes are all getting too tight.) ;O)

  11. I think there's something wrong with my Java. When I try to update it, it errors out. But, it won't show anything but a white screen that identifies you at the top. I'm sure it's fun to do, though. I've done a few of these online, but not with a photo of my choosing.

    Stopping by from the Z to A in May Challenge. You can find me at:
    The Frustrated Foodie

  12. @SJerZGirl: Bummer! You still may be able to browse some of the gazillion they have on their site. ;O)

  13. Oh you have just made my life a little more miserable (fun)...I have been known to waste hours on puzzles of all kinds and now I have another to add to the list. Can't wait to make one of my own.


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